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Some things in life are both beautiful and sad at the same time – like working in other cities, far away from home. On the one hand, you can look forward to a great job, an exciting challenge and (hopefully) an attractive salary. On the other hand, it’ll mean spending your evenings apart from family and friends, potentially having to commute more – and you need to find temporary accommodation.

We can’t replace your family – but we can offer you a beautiful place to stay.

Furnished apartments, temporary living in Düsseldorf Medienhafen, serviced apartments
The lounge on the ground floor: somewhere to relax and get to know your neighbours

A furnished #behomie serviced apartment in Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen district is the best thing that could happen to you in an unfamiliar place. Besides a comfortable place to stay and great services, you will benefit from being part of the #behomie community and can experience life in the vibrant Medienhafen district: you can meet new people at work and then in the evenings, too, over a Düsseldorf "Alt" (what locals call their beer).

furnished apartments

“Live just like you would on holiday” – okay, so maybe our writers got carried away and you probably still have to go to work every day. But it’s not far off the mark: our serviced apartments are furnished with plenty of thought and attention to detail, with a focus on recreating the comfort and convenience of premium hotels. Although our apartments offer much more... just take a look at the features waiting for you.

Serviced apartment features


Service app for the Düsseldorf Medienhafen apartments, free for serviced apartments, temporary living and short-term lets
The free #behomie app works with every serviced apartment

Your furnished apartment comes with everything you need: a laundry service, smart home capabilities, Wi-Fi, a package pick-up and delivery box, a handyman service, e-bike rental and more. You can enjoy 24/7 access to these services via the dedicated app.

H27: living and working in medienhafen

Düsseldorf Medienhafen, furnished serviced apartment, temporary apartment, full service
Artist’s impression of the new H27 complex next to #behomie serviced apartments

The new construction will be home to 8,700 square metres of office space and a restaurant, right next to the 46 #behomie apartments. The architectural gem is the brainchild of internationally renowned architecture firm HPP Architekten. The building is set to be completed in late 2019/early 2020.

Furnished apartments

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